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Attention families:

At this time, we continue to operate on the shorter hours of 7:00 am to 5:00 pm until all of our staff have returned to work. The center will close promptly at 5:00 pm so please plan to arrive in time to follow the following procedures as written.

*Allow at least 15 minutes extra time when dropping off & picking up your children so we can properly conduct health screenings & observe social distancing. This procedure will be the same in the mornings and afternoons. It is recommended that only one adult per family accompany child/ren to the entryway.

*Please stand on one of the positioned mats to ensure social distancing while waiting for staff to screen your child before entry. If no mat is available, please wait in your car until one becomes vacant. NO INSIDE ENTRY IS ALLOWED EXCEPT FOR STAFF AND CHILDREN.

*Each child will have their temperature taken (with no contact thermometers) prior to entry. NO CHILD with an elevated temperature above 100 degrees will be allowed to enter. All children must be free of any illness symptoms and able to participate in a regular day of activities.

*Each child and staff will have their hands sanitized before entry into the building and thoroughly washed upon entry into the classroom.

*Please answer & attest to the questions asked daily upon arrival. These verify that neither you or your child have felt any symptoms or knowingly been in contact with COVID-19.

*Please do not bring any food, play items, or extra blankets to the center with your child. We cannot allow any extra items inside the center due to cross-contamination. Each child needs to still have a change of clothes and blanket that remains at the center.

*Please slowly proceed with EXTRA CAUTION in our parking lot as we practice these arrival & departure procedures. There will now be more children near the front area of the building during these busy times.

*Phone payments are a preferred method of payment during this time,. All in-person debit payments will be made by staff with the card you provide at the door and then returned back to you immediately. Checks and cash can be handed to the staff at the door and a receipt will be written and handed to you in your spot in the waiting area.


Please help us to abide by all policies listed above for the wellness of all involved. We will continue to update as we know more but our plans at this time are to continue serving this community the way we always have.

Additionally, we have supplies at this time but any donations of hand sanitizers, hand soap, or any items that may continue to be hard to get are appreciated.

If you’d like more information on the prevention and precautions we should all be taking you can visit the following links:




For Kids Only offers an exciting learning opportunity for children of all ages and abilities!

For Kids Only is a licensed Developmental Day Facility and has voluntarily met the enhanced standards set forth by the NC Division of Child Development to achieve the highest 5 Star licensure rating.

Our center was founded in 1990 on the theory that childhood development is a process of stages which occurs during a child’s early years. Additionally, all children do not reach the same developmental stage at the same time. Therefore, this school structures all programs to meet each child’s stage of development on an individual basis. Most importantly, we respect parents as the primary provider of care and nurturing for their child. We believe parents and teachers form an important partnership in a child’s development and education.


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