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Hurricane Dorian Update


Hope everyone is safe so far! I know this morning several tornadoes made landfall-praying this didn’t affect any of our families. All of our staff are ok!

We wanted to see what was happening with the storm before deciding about tomorrow. Since it’s not even hit Brunswick County yet we don’t see possibilities for opening back until Monday. As you all know there are curfews going through tomorrow morning as this storm will likely still be here for part of the morning. The weekend will give us a chance to assess the center and get everything cleaned up for Monday!
Stay safe everyone!

For Kids Only offers an exciting learning opportunity for children of all ages and abilities!

For Kids Only is a licensed Developmental Day Facility and has voluntarily met the enhanced standards set forth by the NC Division of Child Development to achieve the highest 5 Star licensure rating.

Our center was founded in 1990 on the theory that childhood development is a process of stages which occurs during a child’s early years. Additionally, all children do not reach the same developmental stage at the same time. Therefore, this school structures all programs to meet each child’s stage of development on an individual basis. Most importantly, we respect parents as the primary provider of care and nurturing for their child. We believe parents and teachers form an important partnership in a child’s development and education.


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